Cardiology refers to the diagnosis, management and prevention of diseases related to the heart. We offer both in- and outpatient consultations with our cardiologists and cardiac nurses, and use a multidisciplinary approach to provide high-quality care to you and your family. Cardiology at Stony Brook Medicine provides a 24-hour, 7-day per week consultative service that focuses on compassionate care and the use of state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic tools.

Most of our patients come to us through the emergency department or are transferred from other hospitals for advanced care, and we pride ourselves on the level of quality care we offer. A board-certified cardiologist as well as fellows and residents are on call at all times to help start you on the road to recovery. We understand the importance of the cardiologist-patient relationship, and building a positive connection is one of our highest priorities.

Our inpatient Cardiology Service includes our Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. Once we have determined that a patient has improved, he or she will move to our 25-bed Cardiac Advanced Care Unit. Here, the attending physician will continue to provide care, while specialized nurses, physical therapists, and social workers work with each patient to discuss medications, lifestyle tips and any other discharge instructions, to make the transition back to daily life as smooth and as comfortable as possible. The time frame for this process varies based on what is right for each individual and his or her cardiologist.

We also have outpatient services, where the benchmark is being able to be seen within two days of appointment request. You may have echocardiography or stress testing at our outpatient sites, which allows you to avoid a hospital visit and enjoy easy parking options. We offer subspecialty clinics focused on: anticoagulation, heart failure, women's heart disease, heart disease in pregnancy, peripheral vascular disease and arrhythmia (heart rhythm disorders).

Our Team

The cardiac professionals at Stony Brook Medicine's cardiology service are highly trained individuals who understand that expert care and a kind touch make all the difference. We work collaboratively with each other, your primary care physician, and you, to map out the best diagnostic and treatment plan possible, given your specific situation. Please do not hesitate to call us at (631) 44-HEART (444-3278) with questions or concerns.

  • Hal A. Skopicki, MD, PhD, Chief, Cardiology and Deputy Director, Operations, Stony Brook Heart Institute
  • Ibrahim Almasry, MD
  • Travis Bench, MD
  • Michelle E. Bloom, MD
  • Joseph Z. Chernilas, MD
  • Janice Chyou, MD
  • Peter F. Cohn, MD
  • Roger Fan, MD
  • Luis Gruberg, MD
  • Anne Hamik, MD, PhD
  • Jordan P. Katz, MD
  • Smadar Kort, MD
  • William E. Lawson, MD
  • Lloyd D. Lense, MD
  • Anil Mani, MD
  • Noelle Mann, MD
  • Howard S. Novotny, MD
  • Puja B. Parikh, MD, MPH
  • Dhaval Patel, MD
  • Ernst Raeder, MD
  • Eric J. Rashba, MD
  • Kaveh Sadigh, MD, MPH
  • Stephen C. Vlay, MD

The Stony Brook Difference

Unlike many other clinical cardiology programs, we feature 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week access to the best cardiovascular care in Suffolk County. We offer the unique service of a specialty nurse dedicated exclusively to patients being discharged from the hospital. This important service ensures that the transition from the inpatient environment to the outpatient environment occurs seamlessly. We are also often called on to take on complex cases that other hospitals are not able to handle. We pride ourselves on the ability to integrate cardiac care into already-existing treatment plans, so each patient is treated comprehensively.