Experts in Second Opinion Heart Care

If you’ve been diagnosed with a heart problem, the more you know about your diagnosis and treatment alternatives, the more confident and comfortable you can be that the choices being made are the right ones for you — especially when it comes to lifesaving heart care.

Stony Brook’s Heart Care Second Opinion Program was created to assist you in being fully informed about your diagnosis, prognosis and available treatment options.

If your healthcare provider suggests a non-emergency cardiovascular surgery or procedure, you may benefit from an expert second opinion. 

The most common reasons to seek a cardiac second opinion:

  • A diagnosis that is not clear
  • You've been told you are not treatable
  • You have multiple medical problems
  • You're not responding to treatment as expected 
  • You have a serious or life-threatening condition
  • Your health plan requires a second opinion 

A Second Opinion Brings a Second Chance:
Meet Jack Brady

To look at Blue Point resident and custom builder Jack Brady, Sr., you’d think the guy had never been sick a day in his life. But although heart disease had been flying under the 70-year-old’s radar for almost two decades, in the spring of 2021 that was all about to change, big time… 

Read more about Jack’s (surprising) heart disease journey.

A second opinion at Stony Brook showed that all four of Jack's major coronary arteries were blocked.

What Some Thought Couldn't Be Possible:
Meet Anthony Martinez

Anthony Martinez is a can-do guy, an ex-Marine who raised a family and started his own successful businesses. But when multiple health conditions meant he was not eligible for catheterization to clear his blocked coronary arteries, the situation didn’t look good.

Read more about Anthony’s positive turnaround.

After the procedure, Anthony’s arteries were clear and he’s back to living life again.

Put Your Heart Health First

If you are at risk or if someone in your family has a heart condition, it’s important to schedule a visit with a cardiologist for preventive care. Our cardiologists can help you improve your heart health and/or prevent the progression of cardiovascular disease with a comprehensive heart disease risk assessment and treatment options.

Do something good for your own heart health by taking a free heart health assessment now.

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