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Heart Healthier At Any Age: Know Your Heart Health Risk

Do you know how your heart’s biological age compares with your actual age?
Are you making heart-healthy choices now that will help protect your heart in later years?
Do you know your risk factors for heart disease and what you can do about it?
Are you living with heart disease but want to manage it better?

Taking care of your heart requires a year-round commitment that has lifelong benefits. What will you do differently to take better care of your heart?

Heart disease can affect anyone, regardless of gender, age or background. That’s why all of our cardiac care experts at Stony Brook University Heart Institute remain focused on how to best prevent heart disease and heal the heart.

Do something good for your heart by getting involved in your own heart health today. Take our free heart health risk assessment. Learn about your risk factors and bring the results to your next doctor’s appointment.

Begin the Heart Health Assessment Now

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States. Fortunately, it also is a condition that responds very advantageously to healthy changes that help provide prevention of heart disease. While symptoms vary widely for men and women, most heart attack sufferers had no previous symptoms. So it’s crucial to know your personal risk factors and take steps to decrease them.

Cardiovascular Care at Stony Brook Heart Institute
We fight cardiovascular disease from every angle, using the best that cardiovascular medicine can offer: risk factor prevention, state-of-the-art diagnostics and advanced minimally invasive interventions. As a renowned academic research center, Stony Brook is often among the first to offer important new state-of-the-art therapies that offer new options — and hope — for patients not eligible for traditional treatments.

Put Your Heart Health First
If you are at risk or if someone in your family has a heart condition, it’s important to schedule a visit with a cardiologist for preventive care. Our cardiologists can help you improve your heart health and/or prevent the progression of cardiovascular disease with a comprehensive heart disease risk assessment and treatment options, including nutritional assessment, lifestyle counseling and, when necessary, medication or other interventions to improve your overall heart health.

Have a question about heart disease prevention?
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