Research Training Opportunities

The following are major areas of ongoing cardiovascular research by members of the faculty. Please click on mentor's name for more detailed information.

  • Intercellular communication of cardiac myocytes and vascular smooth muscle cells by connexins (Peter Brink, PhD)
  • Determinants of microvascular blood flow (Molly Frame, PhD)
  • Heart failure and cardiomyopathy program (Hal Skopicki, MD, PhD)
  • Cellular alterations underlying arrhythmogenesis (Emilia Entcheva, PhD)
  • Cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging (Nat Reichek, MD)
  • Electrophysiologic phenotype of excitable cells (David McKinnon, PhD)
  • Modeling of blood flow in the cardiovascular system (Danny Bluestein, PhD)
  • Molecular mechanisms of thrombin-activiated and other protease-activated receptors (Wadie Bahou, MD)

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