Clinical Trials

Q: I have been asked to participate in a study trial. Is this wise?
A: Since our medical center is an academic center committed to the advancement of patient care, we participate in a number of national and international study trials. These trials are carefully chosen and scrutinized for patient safety by us and by the institution's trial review board. Patients enrolled in trials at Stony Brook potentially enjoy the benefit of newer therapies, but more importantly, benefit from being followed much more closely by a trial study team that monitors them in a more frequent and detailed fashion than would be obtained by routine medical care for the duration of the study. Participation is completely voluntary but encouraged for all patients who are eligible. Moreover, participation in our trials never interferes with the normal standards for patient care.

Answered by Luis Gruberg, MD. Dr. Gruberg, a cardiologist, is professor of medicine and interim chief of the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine. He is director of Cardiovascular Catheterization Laboratories.

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